Helpful Tips to Enjoy Long Haul Flight Travels

What are Long Haul Flight Travels?

Long haul flight travels are longer travel hours by air often lasting 8hours, 12hours, or more. As a first time traveler, you may feel frustrated because what you thought would be a swift, enjoyable journey could end up being very exhaustive because you are bored, sleep-deprived, have no entertainment, or the air around you is just not fresh enough.

So, how do you enjoy long haul flight travels?

Enjoying your long haul flight travel is the only option you have if you want to change the whole experience. To do this, you have to get engaged in one way or another. For instance, if you find reading enjoyable, this is the best moment to take out your book and read. If you love writing, carry your pen along because when you are calm and relaxed, your creativity increases dramatically. You may have some interesting ideas you may want to write down.

Fresh air is another major factor that can make you relax and enjoy your flight. Where there are a great number of people, air pollution is likely, because of the different perfume scents used by various passengers, the body odors within the room, and even toilets can produce quite an unpleasant smell. Rubbing your essential oil around your neck, wrist, and hands will help produce the type of scent you want to have and feel around you so that you can enjoy your long haul flight.

For makeup lovers, you would like to bring along your make up kit, including your lipstick and lip gloss because dehydration may cause lips to dry up during the long haul flight travel and you may want to gloss it up to stay moisturized.

Who doesn’t love music? Listening to music while traveling is one of the things you can do to kill boredom. With a headphone or a microphone, you could relax and enjoy some good music without distracting other travelers. While everyone loves music, different people enjoy different genres of music. Listening to music will also soothe you and even send you to slumber.

Some entertainment can be good during the flight time. For instance, if you have a 12-hour flight, you can opt to watch a few movies or the latest series to keep you entertained in the course of the travel, but remember to spare some little time for sleep. You can also play games on your phone to advanced levels, as you are more relaxed and have more time to spare. However, do ensure your phone is charged and carry a power bank or a portable battery charger.  

To feel more relaxed, you may have to take off your shoes but put on a pair of thick socks so that other passengers around you won’t be distracted with any odor. Also, do keep your feet warm at all times.

Long haul travels may seem a lot longer if you are not enjoying yourself. Therefore, you must always prepare and plan before the trip on what you would want to do during the long journey.