Trekking in the Hills of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is among the most eminent travel locations in India. It is popular for its scenic views and lovely cities. Rajasthan attracts countless travelers each year due to its renowned trekking places.

Here are the 4 locations where you can go for Hill Trekking in Rajasthan


Travelling in the hills of Kumbhalgarh is full of fun and various experiences. During the Kumbhalgarh trek, you will get to experience the picturesque view of the Kumbhalgarh fort. You will likewise get to see wild animals and Ayurvedic plants. Throughout this trek, you will travel through a popular pond lake called Thandi Beri (likewise known as the Crocodile land).

You can likewise go on the Kumbhalgarh-Futadeval trek, which is around 10 kilometers long. This trek will take you through a forest location, where you might find antelopes and other wild animals. While travelling you will likewise come across lots of caves that are widely referred to as Lord Ganesha’s cave.


Udaipur lies near Aravali Mountain Range. It is popular for its lakes, palaces, and geographical diversity. Hills of Aravali range make Udaipur a perfect place for travelling and other adventures in Rajasthan. Dhar- Ubeshwarji trek is among the best hill treks. It is a mix trek of small uneven surfaces and uphill climb.

This trek will take you through the small villages, offering you an opportunity to take a sneak peek into the lives of the people residing in rural India. During the trek, you will come across numerous little ponds and rivers. During the trek, you will get to visit Vaishno Devi temple and a really famous lord Shiva’s temple.

This trek covers numerous small villages and ends at the Bhil town. During this trek, you will get to check out schools and get to know about India’s education system. Trekking in Aravali hills is complete of adventures and stunning experiences.

Ghanerao trekking

Ghanerao is an ancient town ruled by lots of dynasties of Mewar and Marwar. Known for its historical worths, Ghanerao is really popular in Rajasthan. It has lots of Hindu and Jain temples around it. This town is best matched for Villages strolls and trekking. It is a plan and uphill trek which takes you to Kumbhalgarh. While travelling, you may spot deer and many types of birds. You will get to witness lots of mesmerizing views throughout the trek. This trek takes you through numerous tribal towns and forest areas.

Ranakpur Trekking

Ranakpur lies in Pali district of Rajasthan. It is a little town understood for its popular Jain temples. Found in the western valley of Rajasthan, Ranakpur works as one of the finest locations for travelling. The combination of uphill and downhill trekking will offer you a memorable experience of trekking in Aravali Hills. This travelling tour starts from Ranakpur and ends at Kumbhalgarh. While in Ranakpur, you can go to Jain temples committed to Tirthankara Adinatha and Sun temple cared by the Royal household of Mewar.