Best Destinations for a Backpacking Trip

If you love to travel on a budget, then you need low-cost destinations. A backpacking trip with your family, friends, or loved ones requires affordable lodges and hostels since you prefer economical trips that are worth your money. The trip might last for a longer duration compared to regular vacations, considering that the goals are to meet and share with the locals during visits to various tourist sites. A backpacking trip can lead to virtually anywhere depending on how you plan it.

Best Backpacking-Trip Destinations

Backpacking trips include adventures to the wilderness, traveling to nearby countries, and mostly local travels. Here are some of the best destinations for your backpacking trip.

Guatemala: This place can accommodate a good number of backpackers and has a range of activities that you can take on. Some sites to visit in this region include tropical jungles, active volcanoes, fishing villages, stunning lakes and villages, and many more. You may also want to see the ancient Mayan ruins which are the modern skyscrapers in the metropolis.

Colombia: With sceneries like the glorious countryside, bustling cities, beautiful beaches, all available at low prices, and the neighborhood of Medellin’s El Poblado, it is an excellent place for a night out because of the ball pit sized swimming pool by the bars. Tayrona National Park is a beautiful prestigious beach that is a must-visit place in this area. You might want to go hiking – a four-day trek to Lost City.

Koh Lanta, Thailand: Backpackers on a budget can opt for Thailand because of its fascinating culture, lively nightlife, and great weather. Also, it is inexpensive to move around or stay in a hotel. Railay Bay and Koh Lanta are islands with beautiful beaches that are worth visiting and not as crowded as Koh Phi.

Tanzania: Serengeti plains is home to Tanzania’s Great Migration that occurs once in twelve months and involves 2 million-plus wildebeest, gazelles, eland, and zebras rumbling their way towards Kenya’s greener lands. The wildebeest migration is listed in the “Natural Wonders of the World.” Backpackers who are adventure seekers will be able to tackle mountain Kilimanjaro in this region – the view from the mountain top is impressive and worth your while. You will also be able to visit tranquil tropical islands offshore, popularly known as Zanzibar, a beautiful getaway beach where you can stroll on the white sandy beaches, catch some sun rays, and dive with sharks. Hostels along east coast Zanzibar radiate the tropical paradise feel.

Cambodia: This is an excellent destination for backpackers because of its culture, jungles, and beautiful beaches. There are also historical sites such as the Angkor Wat ruins. There are affordable food and accommodations, as well as budget-friendly transportation.

You can visit numerous cities and towns if you want to head for a backpacking trip. It is, therefore, necessary to plan your itinerary and budget well. To have the most memorable experience, you can bring along your camp tent, possibly saving on the cost of night lodging.