Top 5 Budget-Friendly Destinations to Visit During the Summer and Why

Summer is said to be the warmest season within the northern hemisphere which falls between June and August. This season comes after spring and then followed by autumn. It has short nights and long days. Summertime is the time when the schools close and holidays begin. People mostly go on trips and vacations during this time. If you are on a budget and thinking about where to go during summer, below are some suggestions.

1. Zanzibar: This is where most people go for summer holidays. You get a warm welcome from the citizens and get to enjoy the warm ocean. Although some resorts are expensive in Zanzibar, some hotels and sites are quite affordable, with inclusions of bed and breakfast, and are all worthy of visiting. There are some hostels located in Stone Town, next to the Indian Ocean, with a beautiful view of the waters.

2. South Africa: Being a beautiful country, South Africa is one of the best places to visit this summer with more affordable modes of transportation. South Africa is remarkable for its diverse culture, traditions, nature, activities, and people. Some enjoyable activities during this season in South Africa include mountain hiking and diving in the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina: This city is known for the lined-up streets with grand European-style architecture, endless parks, and cozy cafes. This city is budget-friendly and serves you affordable empanadas, wine, steak, and ice cream, among others.

4. Hawaii, USA: Flights from the mainland to Hawaii usually are very expensive. However, it is still reasonably affordable and has the best sceneries that you would enjoy, for instance, the feel of the South Pacific with the American comforts. Some of the places to visit in Hawaii include the islands of Lanai and Maui. You can also visit Maui at any season of the year and experience the differences in each.

5. San Antonio, Texas, USA: San Antonio is an international destination with authentic international dishes like Mexican food. A road trip from the city of Houston to San Antonio works best for you to have a view of various sceneries during the journey. The San Antonio River is quite an experience but remember to pass by the Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and as well as the San Fernando Cathedral historic site.

Summer is here, the holidays are here, and it is time to have that long-planned vacation! It is important to enjoy yourself while not spending too much money while you are at it. The budget-friendly destinations for summer will enable you to have a great time at an affordable cost. You might want to try some of these destinations and see for yourself.