Hosting a Barbecue for 100+ People

Whether you’re arranging a party, wedding party or simply a huge gathering, a barbeque offers a great method to cater for great deals. Providing for over 100 folks could be a time consuming – nevertheless with mindful planning and time-saving faster ways, it is possible to host a big barbecue with minimum trouble.

Below are a few of the significant realities to consider:


Take into factor to consider admittance as well as departure elements in order that individuals don’t trigger a log jams when showing up and leaving and think about precisely where you will position the cooking and serving locations so that individuals may get to them easily. Make it possible for any guests who will be showing up by car know ahead of time exactly where they need to park your automobile.

Weather condition

The main problem with planning a big charcoal bbq is that you just need to pick a date well in advance which indicates that a person can’t guarantee that the aspects will be in your favour when the day really occurs. Utilize a backup method in case of rain or wind. Supplied that you can still cook the food and offer protected areas for the friends, you will consequently be capable to go on with your barbeque whatever the weather condition.

The Bbq

Work with three or four more compact Gas Bbq and designate each one of these for a different food sort – one for meat, one for vegetarian meals, one for seafood and so on. Keep in mind you might be cooking food over numerous hours, so guarantee that you have adequate fuel and keep raw food in the refrigerator or possibly a cool box until you will be ready to cook the item.

Food and Drink

The sort of food you actually serve will likely be developed normally by the type of barbeque that you are hosting. For the everyday affair it’s most likely better to maintain things standard with a number of meat choices, your vegetarian choice plus an excellent choice of side salads and breads. On the occasion that you’re planning something more official for instance a wedding event supper, you may wish to add several numerous meals like an option of fish, hot vegetable meals and a choice of sugary foods. In either case, it’s typically an excellent plan to add some things that do not need cooking and stick with solutions that you could assemble ahead of time.

Look at fridge area.

Make certain you will have lots of area to keep whatever easily and if not, purchase some heavy duty cool bins or ask your neighbour if you’re able to use their fridge. On the subject of refreshments make sure you have a very good alternative of alcohols along with soft drinks. Make a consultation with your area off-licence in advance as they may possibly supply a ‘sale or return’ scheme enabling you to purchase more than you think you will need and after that give back every unopened product.

Attempting to keep beverages cold can be difficult in heat especially if your refrigerator is brimming with food products. Take a look at constantly keeping drinks cold with containers of ice-cubes, or perhaps fill a bath or possibly a completely tidy dustbin with cold water to keep wine bottles cooled.

Sign up some supporting hands

When catering for huge numbers don’t try and do whatever on your own. Draw up in a few dependable volunteers that might assist you and also hand over various tasks for them consisting of greeting the visitors, offering beverages in addition to helping with the cooking.

Health and wellness

It’s always crucial to think about health and safety practices irrespective of the number of individuals are your bbq however when hosting a sizable Charcoal Barbecue the increased amounts can mean that mishaps tend to occur. Make certain you have presently have fire extinguishers, fire blankets and likewise emergency treatment packages handy. Steer clear of gastrointestinal disorder by making positive you will be ensured in terms of food safety in addition to cleanliness.

For anyone who is recruiting volunteers to help with the preparing food, make sure that they can be aware of the best method to get ready and cook food properly too. When it’s a hot day, deal locations of shade to your visitors so they don’t experience sunburn or perhaps sunstroke and ensure there are a lot of soft drinks obtainable so that everybody can keep well hydrated when enjoying the sunshine.

Hints and Tips

When you find yourself hosting a big Charcoal Barbecue, the last thing you want to be doing is running around in a blind panic merely because you are unable to discover a specific item.

Here are a couple of tips and ideas to help you stay calm and also organised:

– Have an abundance of utensils for cooking and serving.
Make sure to produce an additional set for dealing with the actual vegetarian food products.
– Use discard plates, utensils and glasses – not only does the following save on the washing up but also stops breakages.
– Put the bread in addition to dressings near the barbecue in addition to line things up in a reasonable sequence so that your visitors might get their own bread, then their own barbeque food last but not least their dressings with no hassle.
– Think about placing food for example bread, salads, sauces and salad dressings over a couple of different tables so that you don’t get a crowd around one table.
– There are always spillages at barbecues, so provide kitchen area towels, napkins and likewise cleans for the visitors to help themselves to.
– Provide lots of containers for rubbish and also recycling.