Package Tours versus DIY Travel: Which One is For You?

Traveling calls for a lot of planning and decision-making on where to go, what to do, or how much budget is needed. But there is another question that most people wonder about: Is it better to go on a package tour or travel on your own? Well, people have different opinions on this, and it depends on the place you are heading to, the budget, and the type of traveler. If you are planning for your next holiday trip and you are torn between taking a package tour and just going by yourself, this article will help you decide so make sure to read it until the end.

Advantages of Package Tours

A package tour or a package vacation includes a combination of transport modes, accommodations, meals, tour guides, and other activities sold at a single price; a travel agent or agency usually offers these tours. Here are the benefits you can get from this option:

  • Package tours are more convenient than traveling by yourself.

You will undoubtedly agree that comfort is one of your priorities during travels. Relaxation can only be achieved if you book the best hotels and avail of the amenities. Package tours save you from the stress of planning since the accommodation, activities, and itineraries are already laid out for you. Simply put, it’s hassle-free. You can opt for package tours if you choose total relaxation and enjoyment for your holiday.

  • Tour guides can offer a safer experience.

It is especially beneficial to cities or countries that are known for being unsafe for tourists. There is safety in numbers, indeed.

  • You make new friends.

In some tour packages, travelers group together to achieve the minimum number of individuals to save money. It allows you to meet new faces and makes the travel all worthwhile.

  • Package tours are best for those traveling with parents and kids.

If some members of your family are joining your vacation, the best way to ensure their enjoyment is by choosing a package tour. Parents and grandparents get tired quickly due to walking and waiting in line for tickets. Why bother them if you can get the luxury of having your tickets paid already.

Advantages of DIY travel

  • You are in control.

One of the best things about DIY travel is that you are the boss and you can go wherever you want to go. No itineraries and agenda need to be followed; thus you have the liberty of being spontaneous on your adventure.

  • Your journey becomes exciting.

If you care more about the journey than your destination, then go for independent travel. If you don’t mind getting lost, then this is the best choice for you. After all, if you are by yourself, you have the opportunity to get to know places better!

  • DIY travel is budget-friendly.

Independent travel gives you the luxury to find cheaper deals, but beware; this may take time and effort.

  • You can spend more time in a particular place.

Having to tour by yourself, you can spend more time at a specific place — you have all the time in the world. Generally speaking, it is not possible with group tours since the activities follow a particular schedule; thus they don’t stay long in a specific place.

The Verdict

Your choice depends on the kind of experience you seek. Whether you’d like to take a package tour or travel by yourself, make sure that you do some research first. Search the internet for travel tips, weigh your options, assign a specific budget, and take note of the people you are traveling with. After all, we all want a happy and stress-free trip.